A Very Big Welcome

Chiratidzo Charakupa

"Five Lines!"

"Four Centimeters!"

My science teacher was giving us the dimensions for a beaker. This was my very first science lesson and she was explaining the different types of science equipment that is used in a laboratory. We were drawing all this equipment in our notebooks so that when it was later shown to us in the labs, we would already know what the instruments are. Coming to think of it... we could have just had pictures printed. Never thought of that. Anyways, this marked the beginning of the best years in my high school life - Form 1 and 2.

What made me love these years so much is that we had so much practical work that we did. The experiments were rather simple, but since they were new, they felt magical to me. Seeing pottassium permanganate in a corner of a beaker being heated by a bunsen burner slowly coloring a beaker to demonstrate the concept of convection had this WOW effect because we saw the transition from almost clear water to a purple beaker colored with the material. There is just this WOW effect that comes with actually doing stuff no matter how trivial the experiment is. 

I am deeply into technology and was rather disappointed when I discovered that getting practical knowledge about technological stuff from local websites was rather hard. The content would either be plagiarized or it would totally lack substance. I'm not roasting any local websites, but i'm saying they have a long way to go in terms of offering content that a person can actually use in their lives. I come from a family with an arts background and I grew up really admiring literature and how the author would paint a picture in your mind and though the text was black and white, you could see, feel, hear and experience what the author meant. That is what I intend to do with this website. I aim to share content that you can actually use in your life that is not plagiarized from a western type of website. 

The content I will produce will be rather broad. I will include electronics - what it is, how to make a simple project, stuff to avoid ; software development - the languages I know and my opinion about them ; careers available (globally) and more.

That's it for today. See you in the next post.